Other Activities

If you are not a dive or a taking some time off diving, Utila offers a range of non-diving activities too.

Rock Harbour hiking tour – minimum of 2 people. 4 hours

Hike from the North side to the South side of the island passing the Dead Lagoon and

observe a unique variety of birds and plants. See the endemic species of iguana,

relax on Rock Harbour beach. Lift your backpacks high and wade across the water at Jack’s Bight to reach Iron Bound. A good level of fitness is required for this tour.

Rock Harbour Camping tour – minimum of 2 people. 12-18 hours

Just as with the Rock Harbour hike, you will be wading, and hiking your way through from Utila’s South to the North side only with this option you will be setting up camp. Spending a bush around a campfire before retiring to your hammock and being lulled to sleep by the sounds of Utila’s Iron Shore.


Pumpkin Hill hiking tour – minimum of 2 people. 4 hours

Hike to the highest point on the island, visit both the freshwater and bat caves, and

explore the hot spots of wildlife diversity Utila is best known for.


Be a Scientist for the day – minimum of 2 people

Join one of Kanahau’s biologists in the field! Whether it be catching, tagging and

releasing iguanas and bats; catching and identifying species of insects; and so much

more, this experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Kayak tours 

Enjoy a leisurely paddle through the lower lagoon heading into the Mangrove

Channel, learning about the mangrove ecosystems along the way. We end up at the

North Side of Utila, in the expansive bay of Rock Harbor. Spend some time on a deserted beach before heading back through the canal to Coral View Utila.


Horse Riding

Be met at your door with your dedicated local guide and ride with Utila’s Red Ridge Stables. A 2.5 hour ride along beaches, maybe even take a swim, and through Utila town. This activity is only available to those who already know how to ride.



Travel further into tranquillity and have all those aching dive muscles soothed over an hour with healing hands, essential oils and calming music by one of our, preferred, certified masseuses.