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Discover SCUBA Diving

Want to know what it feels like to breathe underwater?

Curious as to what SCUBA diving entails?

DSDDuring your Discover SCUBA Diving experience you will learn a little about the core skills of being a SCUBA diver and be introduced with the equipment that makes these aquatic adventures possible. You will only want the most trusted and experienced PADI Professional possible for your first fin kicks into the underwater world and with a maxi
mum ratio of 2:1 we can ensure you will have all the personal attention you deserve.
The length of this course is entirely based upon your level of comfort but
is usually 1.5-3.5 hours. There will be a short amount of time in one of our air conditioned classrooms followed by donning your equipment and taking it to our onsite, salt water, training pool. Those that are more comfortable and wish to explore more will be able to explore our house reef from our shore access.
Should you love your Discover SCUBA Diving experience and wish to continue diving we can personalise a package for you, although most people prefer to take the next step and become fully certified as a PADI Open Water Diver.

Get Certified

The PADI Open Water Course is the world’s most popular way get certified to SCUBA dive. Your Open Water Course consists of 3 main components; Knowledge Development, Pool Training and Open Water Training. Upon completion of your Open Water Course you will be fully certified to dive anywhere in the world down to 18 meters (60 feet) below the surface. We at Coral View Utila tailor our courses to the individual but typically the Open Water course lasts 4 days. The first two, full days. being split between class room time and SCUBA sessions in our onsite salt water pool with your PADI Pro Instructor. (We only hire the most experienced, safety conscious instructors on the island) The second two days of your course will see you diving on the Mesoamerican reef from one of our purpose built dive boats. These training dives will ensure you have all the skills necessary to feel confident in open ocean and become a PADI certified diver. Each boat trip will typically take 3-4 hours leaving you with free afternoons to explore our beautiful island. That being said we love to tailor our courses to the individual so contact us to ask how we can tailor your course to suit you

Continue Your Diving Education

Where your Open Water Course leaves you with the skills necessary to be safe in the water your Advanced Open Water Course gives you more control over what direction your diving career takes.
Ever wondered what it’s like to dive at night? Want to explore an underwater shipwreck? Perhaps you’d like to learn more about telling the many different types of tropical fish apart?

Your PADI Advanced Open Water course consists of 5 Adventure dives spread over 2 days. These Adventure or ‘try’ dives, along with the Knowledge Reviews, are taken directly from the relevant specialty courses.
It is a PADI requirement that two of those Adventure dives be Deep and Underwater Navigation, that leaves you with 3 more to choose yourself. 

We can offer you the following:
Peak Performance Buoyancy,
Project AWARE Fish Identification,
Boat Diver,
Search & Recovery,
Multilevel Diver,
Under Water Naturalist,
and Drift Diver.

There is a chapter, and corresponding Knowledge Review, in the Adventures in Diving manual for each of these specialities. Once you have decided which of these three dives you wish to undertake you will then go ahead and read the relevant chapters. This will enable you to complete the Knowledge Review sections, which you will later run through with your inductor here at Coral View.

Should you wish to hasten the learning process we at Coral view can issue you with a Digital Certification Pak via which includes all online materials (which would otherwise be issued onsite in paper form) and it also includes your online certification with PADI upon completion of the course.

Although, the book work required to become an Advanced Open Water diver is quite minimal and we find a lot of our divers prefer to spend some time in a hammock or lazing on our sun deck once they are here. The choice is yours.

Contact us to discuss the differences between your adventure dives.


Rescue Divers are calm and collected in emergency situations. They have the skills and confidence to react to emergencies in a manner which makes all around them feel safe. Want to be a better dive buddy? Then take the course. You will learn how to perform self-rescues and buddy rescues. How to recognise and calm potential panic divers and assist divers with diver related injuries. You will also learn how to conduct effective search patterns to look for missing objects or divers. Your rescue course at Coral View Utila will entail a day our air conditioned classroom and salt water training pool. The next day sees you splitting your time between the classroom and diving the Mesoamerican reef from one of our dive boats. The third and final day is very similar to day 2 only you will be a fully-fledged Rescue Diver by the end of the day! Please do remember that we pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible so contact us to see how we can create a package to suit your needs.

Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Courses further your diving education....

Maybe you’re working towards your Master SCUBA Diver or you would like to perfect your buoyancy for great photo’s? Perhaps your curious about what’s involved in penetrating a wreck or would like to brush up your knowledge of equipment? PADI Specialties give you the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the types of diving that interests you. Each speciality varies with the number of dives and amount book work involved but here’s a quick rundown of what our experienced Master SCUBA Diver Trainers can teach you here at Coral View Utila;

Professional Courses

Becoming a PADI Pro is the next logical step for many divers...