The Best Scuba Diving on Utila

For those that are certified and are done with the classroom we have fun dives.

What makes a dive fun is very much up to the individual, which is why we at Coral View keep our group sizes small which in turn delivers you with the best scuba diving experience available. We believe there are hundreds of reasons why a diver fell in love with the aquatic world and everybody has their ‘thing’ so if you enjoy the seemingly bottomless walls of Turtle Harbour or the white sandy bottoms, full of colour, of the south-east side. Perhaps you’ll prefer the unique typography of Pinnacles and The Maze or maybe you want it all rolled into one with the diverse Black Coral Wall.

Take advantage of our beautiful house reef which has some of the islands best scuba diving without the need for a boat.

Best Scuba Diving

What is your best scuba diving 'thing'?

Let our team create the best scuba diving trip for you