Junior Open Water

Why not share your love of diving and make your kids part of your next scuba vacation?
Coral View’s family friendly environment lends to a perfect place to get your family certified as PADI Open Water divers. We love kids and the great atmosphere that families diving together bring to the dive shop. Being able to see the smiles on young faces when they emerge from their first open water dives just brings joy to the heart and reminds us all why we are doing the jobs that we love.
With courses tailored around the individual guest we can ensure that each learning experience is conducted to provide the most enjoyment. Teaching takes place in one of our bright and airy classrooms and is broken into sections to ensure that young minds don’t wander.
If you are not already a certified diver you can all learn together, we will keep the classes to just being family members. After all it is your vacation so let’s center it on you.
Stevie from bloggers www.1dad1kid.com is our youngest Junior Open Water diver to date. He was certified at just 10 years old and has gone on to complete his Junior Advanced Open Water and dived in places that would make many adults jealous. Whilst here on Utila dad Talon completed his Instructor Development Course which put him in class for 8 hours a day, to ensure that they still had time a family Stevie was given a ‘man cave’ in one of the free classrooms to chill out and relax. Being around divers all day long surely added to his desire to dive more and further his own education.
Ximena Sarmiento was with us just a few weeks ago on a bonding vacation with her dad Rony. What an amazing young lady she is, she flew through all the theory portion of the course even though English is her second language and then showed to Instructor Chris and Divemaster in Training Kate that not only is she a wiz in the classroom but a natural in the water too. Ximena completed her Open Water dives with dad Rony by her side to share in her experience.
We are so proud of the way all our Junior Open Water divers handle their training and the divers that they go on to be.
Together you can gain a new way to experience the beauty of life and the ocean.

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