Utila Honduras

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Located 18 miles off the north coast of the Honduras mainland, Utila is the smallest of the three Bay Islands.

At only 6 miles long and 3 miles wide the majority of the population of Utila Honduras are based in the bay that forms Utila Town.

Having being documented since Columbus’ 4th voyage and followed by English, French & Dutch pirates the population of Utila Honduras consists of a blend of peoples of Cayman, Spanish (from the 17th century colonization), British, Carib and Garifuna decent. Being a tropical haven it should be noted that Utila Honduras also has a large and thriving expat community primarily consisting of North American and European retirees and coral reef enthusiasts.

As a volcanic island – Pumpkin Hill at 232ft (74m) has thankfully been dormant for centuries – Utila Honduras has rich soils which aid in the overall tropical green lushness. Over half of this small tropical island consists of mangrove forests. This vital ecosystem protects the island from storms while providing a habitat for the endemic and endangered Utilan Swamper Iguana as well as a nursing ground for many of the juvenile reef fish and invertebrates we see on our reefs.

Coral View Beach Resort & Dive Center is very fortunate to have both ocean and mangrove side docks to enjoy the differing flora and fauna these diverse ecosystems consist of.

Utila Honduras
Utila Honduras Town