Utila Island Life

Formerly a fishing community Utila very much lives and breathes SCUBA. Utila’s town wakes up to the sound of early morning dory’s making their way out to offshore fishing grounds, dive boats with their pre-trip engine checks and SCUBA cylinders, lots of SCUBA cylinders!!

Most dive centres have strict boat trip times that lead to Utila Bay having ‘rush hours’. Beautiful to watch from a lofty dock - especially upon their return when horns are blasted by boats of divers making the Whaleshark sign zoom through the bay. The island is very much under the spell of Old Tom and his family of Rhincodon Typus. Paintings, signs and t-shirts are visible from every vista on our little island. Once you have your first encounter you’ll understand why.

Those that can resist diving spend their days lazing in hammocks, kayaking, horse riding and strolling the main street of Utila. The palm tree lined public beach is a hub of activity on Sunday afternoons as local children and adults meet to socialise and discuss the week’s happenings on our slice of paradise.

Night time sees the streets fill with divers keen to chat about their aquatic encounters and SCUBA achievements. There are no shortage of restaurant and dock bars in which to do so. All of which are handily located on the one main road in the centre of town (keeping all the noise in one spot too!)

Utila is very much an easy going, yet bustling hive of Caribbean activity and relaxation. There is always someone willing to share stories or an ear to hear yours.

Utila Island Life
Utila Island Life Carnival