Coral View Visits DEMA 2013

It is that time of year again for the annual DEMA (The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) show and this year it was held in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.
Coral View’s resident PADI Course Director and Dive Operations Manager, Rich Astley, was able to attend this year and took part in several training programs and courses to help bolster the high level of commitment to education, customer service, and safety that Coral View provides it’s guests on the beautiful Caribbean island of Utila located in the Bay Islands of Honduras.
The day before the show started Rich was fortunate enough to be able to gain the rating of Visual Cylinder Inspector by attending a very informative course hosted by the best of the best; PSI Cylinders. All these guys do is deal with everything to do with cylinders of which SCUBA is a very small portion.  In fact the head honcho is contracted by the likes of NASA.
This rating will allow Rich to make sure that all of Coral View’s cylinders are kept within the visual inspection criteria as per the Code of Federal Regulations from the United States.
The first day of the DEMA show brought along Rich’s second day of class.  Still working with the highly experienced folk from PSI Cylinders he went ahead and completed the rest of the arsenal of courses the PSI offer.  This comprised of Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning, Valve Service Technician, and Eddy Current Technician.
armed with these extra credentials Coral View goes from strength to strength behind the scenes and with the service it can offer its local client base.
Thursday was day 2 of the show (day 3 of the trip) and was a day to be spent on the exhibition floor meeting various manufacturers and distributors to allow Coral View’s dive shop in Utila to offer you, the customer, a wider and more complete range of high quality scuba related product.
Coral View is now able to offer the complete product range from xDeep, Fourth Element, Intova, and XS Scuba on top of their existing product range from ScubaPro, Subgear, DAN, Trident, A-Plus Marine and many more.
Friday was a day away from the wonderful world of scuba so Rich could spend the day with his son at the Disneyland Magic Kingdom for his 1st birthday.
Saturday was the final day of the show and completion to the week in Orlando.  It was also filled with another full day class.  This time the training was hosted and conducted by ScubaPro.  Rich was able to update and re-validate his ScubaPro technician rating by successfully completing the Pro-Tech clinic.
Earlier in the week two of Coral View’s other instructors (Bradley Shellito and Francis Shay) attended a ScubaPro hands on class to become Intro-Tech technicians.
If you dive with us and use our rental equipment you can take piece of mid in that all our gear is kept in top rate condition.
The flight home added one last piece of excitement to top the week off.  We were on final approach at San Pedro Sula airport after having been stock in a holding pattern when we dropped out of the low cloud cover and about 150 feet above the runway when the pilot decided he wasn’t going to make it.  He aborted the landing and gained altitude.  We were then notified that we didn’t have enough fuel to attempt a second landing so we headed for San Salvador.  After a quick stop to refuel we were on our way back to San Pedro Sula were we landed safely albeit a bit heavy and are now on our way back to La Ceiba were we will spend the  night before getting back on the ‘rock’ in the morning.
The team is looking forward to the 2014 DEMA show in Las Vegas.

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