Arrival of the xDeep Stealth 2.0

As many of you may know I am a big fan of, and passionate about, sidemount diving.  To date I have solely been using, and teaching with, the Razor 2 sidemount system by Steve Bogaerts.  Once setup correctly this is an awesome system and one that is very difficult to beat.  Well, until now.

I had heard of and seen the Stealth 2.0 by xDeep but never tried it first hand so I thought it was time to give it ago.  My friend Steve Martin had switched some of his diving over from the Razor to the Stealth 2.0 and after a few conversations I decided to go ahead and order a system for myself to try out.  It finally arrived the other day.  Shipping is quite a timely process to Utila but it was certainly worth the wait.  I immediately went ahead and configured the harness to suit me and my style of sidemount diving before hopping in our onsite salt water training pool here at Coral View Utila to do some in-water adjustments and run through a bunch of skills.

Once happy I arranged to jump on a boat for a 2 dive trip to put it through its paces.

All in all I am very happy, in fact I was so happy that I ended up ordering another 5 sets for the dive shop to use as rental gear.  Our students and divers now have the choice to conduct training in either the Razor or Stealth 2.0 systems.  As part of our sidemount instructor programs you will be introduced to both setups to give you a more thorough knowledge base.

Whilst at the 2013 DEMA show I saw that ScubaPro have released their entry to the ever growing sidemount market.  To date I am unsure of the details of the system but I can only assume that it will be to the same build quality as all other ScubaPro products which is better than excellent.  I will be ordering one of these to test out when I am back at the dive shop so watch out for our review.

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